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“If you’re not using mobile advertising and marketing to attract new customers to your business don’t worry chances are your competitors are already using it and are getting all the customers instead…”

Mobile Advertising and Marketing

going MOBILE..

Mobile Advertising is crucial for any business owner today because mobile devices are an integral part of our lives. It’s essential that business owners now understand how to effectively communicate their product or service on this unique and extremely personal channel. Mobile devices are with us wherever we go, they are kept in our pockets, sit next to our beds, therefore are checked constantly throughout the day. The fact that our mobiles are with us wherever we go makes mobile advertising incredibly important.  

We offer a unique in-app advertising platform which allows you the business owner to advertise on mobile. There are many ways to market on mobile devices so finding the right PROFESSIONAL method for your particular business is key.

With all the ways to deliver your personal message to the world about your brand, product or service, you must seriously consider how mobile fits into your business marketing mix. 

So affordable you can't afford not to....

Features of the mobile advertising app

Strength & stamina

The mobile app is completely free to download and use.  Your customers will love it!  Increasing daily in numbers with currently over 60 000 android users and over 20 000 apple users you can simply not go wrong in using our mobile advertising. This is a relatively new to the market mobile app however; it is taking our nation by storm.  Mobile advertising made simple!

google app
google app
Mobile advertising


This is not just a mobile advertising opportunity on one of the fastest growing mobile apps it is a means of connecting with your customers on a more personal level as well.  You are able to chat within the app and hence let your loyal customers know immediately what the latest is in your business. Whether you need to advise your customers of a new promotion, new product arrival or the stock that’s been on back order you can do so instantly. 

achieving your goals

In connecting your business to people on a more personal level and exposing your brand to many more you will gain the ability to achieve your goals and grow your business. Consumers are not wanting endless sms’s or even whatsapp’s promoting what their suppliers are selling. Today consumers want something stylish and professional – something that carries your brand image well, we have the tools to achieve this. What are you going to do to achieve what you want to achieve?

mobile advertising

the final say

Mobile Advertising on a universal app that connects you with your favorite places, products and services. Your customers can enjoy events, discounts and much more at every moment.  Communicate with your customers in a simple, fast and effective way.  Reward your customers loyalty with raffles, discounts and bonus prizes etc.

Push notifications notifies your loyal customers of any specials that you may be running instantly to their devices. Keep potential customers advised of everything on offer or that is happening within your business with little effort.  

A little more info of the mobile advertisement:

With up to 8 pictures reflecting your company’s brand image you can attract potential customers to your door.

A convenient map will direct the customers straight to your premises without any delays.  All customers within a 10km radius will be able to view your advert and it will show them the exact distance from their location to yours.

All your contact information is also displayed on your mobile advert; however don’t forget your potential customer or customer can communicate with you directly within the app as well – not just you to them. 

So why delay? 

We have a revolutionary product in mobile advertising. Professional, stylish and easy to maintain.

Can you really afford to not get your brand out there?   

Going Mobile with our Mobile Advert