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Many businesses are competing with each other for the first place spots on Google.  Many of those businesses are paying huge amounts of money every month to have those spots.  Let us show you how to achieve high ranking without the high price for online advertising.


Beautiful advertisments

Our online advertising is about driving traffic to your door. You are able to focus on your business and it’s operations while we focus on your marketing and potential customer growth.

With optimization and free keywords on all our online advertising it is affordable, value for money.

Developing Websites

Ultra Advertisement

With a ranking on Google of 50 and 10 Media Galleries or Catalogues with up to a total of 200 photos who will not be amazed. Run promotions directly from your advert. Share on all your social platforms, allow the product to do the work…. Branding at its finest.  This is our mid range online advertising package.

Follow the link below to get the contents and all relevant information for your Ultra Ad.

Online Presence
e-commerce website

Super Advertisement

Ranking of 20 which unfortunately means that you will need to work a little bit harder in getting your ranking in the top 20 of Google – but not unreachable.  Share and promote your product into the top 20 of search engines.  The more visibility and traffic the higher you climb on search engines.

Follow the link below to get the contents and all relevant information for your Super Ad.

Below our online advertising package plans

From Super to Professional we can can help you accomplish  your brand to BeSeen.

Super Advert

24 Keywords Free
Google Optimization
Permanence: 6 months

Ranking: 20

Ability of your Advert:

Product Galleries: 0

Videos:  0

Large Format Side Banner:  No

QR Codes: No

More Information:  No 

Ultra Advert

44 Keywords Free
Google Optimization
Permanence: 1 Year

Ranking: 50

Ability of your Advert:

Product Galleries: 5 Albums of up to 200 photos

Videos:  5 Videos of Up To 15 min each

Large Format Side Banner:  Yes

QR Codes: Yes

More Information:  Yes 

E.& O.E

Additional Information on the above online advertising packages:

  • Super Advert Initial Set Up Fee Includes: Basic Advertisement Set Up, Optimization and Keywords, Business Hours and Social Network Links.
  • Ultra Advert Initial Set Up Fee Includes: Basic Advertisement Set Up, Optimization and Keywords, Business Hours and Social Network Links, Additional Character Description, Gallery Set Up - up to 5 pictures and a Video Link if available.

additional options - Full Online Advertisement Set Up and monthly MAINTENANCE fee

BeSeen Digital Marketing

Monthly Maintenance


1 Hr of maintenance work updating all relevant information monthly


Ultra FULL Development


Full Setup: with all content supplied incl video (up to 5) and pictures (up to 200)


More on our popular ULTRA ADVERT

Here is some additional information for our Ultra Advert.

Our Ultra advert is a phenominal product. With potential customers always online searching for the best product and best price – you as a company can not afford to be in the dark when it comes to your brand promotion.

The Ultra Ad is not just online advertising – it is a phenominal marketing tool where your potential customers can email, message, link to all your networks and check out all your company has to offer in one incredible and powerful space!

This product directs foot traffic to your door.  It is an online medium which focuses the spotlight on your company and your company alone.

You have full control and complete power of when, what, where, why and the how’s of your advertisment. Change pictures, videos, run promotions at a click of a button and it updates immediately.  

No down time, no waiting on someone to do it for you (if this is your option) – you have the control.

The ultra ad is our most popular advert:
* Affordable, value for money
* Minimalistic, extremely easy-to-use interface
* Mobile-friendliness
* Huge range of options and multi-level networking
* Promotional area for specials or new product ranges
* It is our mid range advert which packs a powerful punch.

Ultra Online Advert

We'd love to connect with you and tell you more about the perfect solution we have for your business to BeSeen!

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